Hello, I am Larry.

A visual designer specializing in UI/UX, branding, and logo design.


Hone Music Platform – Glitch hop theme

An online music platform that is able to transform its theme to fit the music genre that you are listening to. This glitch hop theme uses geometric shapes, RGB colors, and slight distortions to help represent and visualize the digital roots of this genre.


British Film Institute – Space Race Film Festival

This event was aimed at celebrating the advances that humankind has made over the last century in its quest to explore the moon and outer space.  I combined futuristic UI elements and together with the sci-fi films of the past, to represent our unrelenting drive for progress towards the unknown.


Reverb – A Sound Art Festival

This event was a celebration of sound in all its forms and its ability to not only entertain our ears, but also captivate our imaginations and interact with our other senses as well. 


Mumbai – City Branding project

The city of Mumbai is one of the oldest and busiest cities of India. It is steeped in culture both old and new. In order to shed some new light upon this ancient port city, I put a modern twist on its attractions and colors to attract tourism.

RedPin - Small business branding

This high-end real estate agency had a vision of placing its offices in trendy parts of towns to attract a certain demographic -
the young and stylish.



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Larry Li is a visual designer currently residing in Dallas, TX. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Shillington School of Graphic Design in NYC.

Larry believes in the concepts of simplicity and clarity to produce intuitive, yet beautiful designs. He is also a fan of science fiction, video games, music, and dogs. 



For questions, ideas, or any other inquiries please email me at larry.zy.li@gmail.com

You can also message me via LinkedIn